Network Engineering

ISHPI is full spectrum Information Technology (IT) company that strives to provide innovative recommendations for new technical and process solutions that increase network availability, performance, and security while leveraging unique solutions to recognize efficiencies that reduce total life cycle costs. Our network engineering support services encompass System Administration Support, Telecommunications Engineering and Analysis, Database Development and Administration, and Incident Response and Cyber Security.

System Administration Support

Within this practice area, ISHPI provides network engineering services including Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) support; Virtual Private Network (VPN); wireless infrastructure design and integration using and Cisco; infrastructure services including Microsoft Active Directory; and baseline network services including Dynamic Host Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name Server/Service (DNS), Public Key Encryption (PKI), and back-office systems support including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and others.

Telecommunications Engineering & Analysis

ISHPI’s USCG network engineers have supported networks of over 500,000+ users over dozens of sites including 50 command centers, 85 Nationwide Differential Global Positions System (NDGPS) Sites, 10 vessel traffic centers, and 7 communications facilitates. For the Coast Guard WAN and TISCOM LAN, which comprise two networks, 17 enterprise systems, 700+ workstations, and over 1,000 servers for enterprise systems, ISHPI’s personnel developed 43 process guides to assist engineers and systems administrators in the secure configuration of systems and proper handling of government information. For the U.S. Air Force 20th Medical Group, ISHPI personnel provide military treatment facility network management for the sustainment and expansion of current and forecasted systems. This support includes systems analysis, engineering and management; performance planning; training; help desk operations; and connectivity support between internal and external systems and the internet workings of Windows NT and UNIX operating systems across LAN/WAN networks.

Database Development & Administration

ISHPI is currently providing the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) with application and database development support services for the INSCOM Requirements and Investment System (IRIS), INSCOM CORE database, and the INSCOM Manpower Management System (TIMMS). These are custom-developed web-based applications and relational databases. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .Net, Java J2EE, and Ozone Framework, we are converting a suite of applications from a legacy environment to work in the newly accredited IRIS environment. Among these applications are embedded core capabilities for daily operations of the command including personnel management, custom reporting, and budget analysis tools. For the U.S. Air Force 20th Medical Group, ISHPI personnel provide database administration which includes database ad hoc report definition, generation, conversion and analysis. This work also includes provision of end user support for new systems integration and implementation and developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other operational documentation for systems. We provided Digital Imaging Network/Picture Archival Systems (DIN/PACS) administration and support and provided direct coordination with the DIN/PACS contract representatives for the end user support for equipment, training, requirements definition and system administration.

Incident Response & Cyber Security

ISHPI is experienced and capable in multiple aspects of incident response and analysis for our DHS, DoD, and IC customers. ISHPI’s cyber security experts develop capabilities designed to provide military commanders and decision-makers with critical information about the overall health and availability of a network as a weapons system. This includes making the correlation of engines designed to enable accurate perception of the battle space, allowing for effective decision making based upon actionable intelligence, and real-time execution of capabilities based upon a specific customer’s mission objectives. We administer and maintain these classified and unclassified LAN/WAN and enterprise firewall systems for a variety of customers, and perform technical evaluations and assessments to assist in the resolution of INFOSEC-related problems, and technical security issues. Our personnel coordinate with intelligence analysts to deliver exercise support and Critical Action Teams in response to changes in the cyber environment, national intelligence/security matters, and real-time military operations. For the U.S. Air Force 20th Medical Group, ISHPI personnel provide system security reviews (password checking, intruder locks, excessive rights review), network printing setup and trouble shooting, Antivirus detection log review, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) service, license administration, file services, and backup services. We also perform barrier security and help manage security firewalls and collect system security performance measurement information.