Our Capabilities

ISHPI provides cyber resilient information solutions using a proprietary holistic approach that empowers clients with technology agnostic, one-stop-shop cyber services that holistically integrate the cyber risk protections of seven-layer security model, while providing increased emphasis on human-link interaction and understanding.

By embracing the holistic approach, ISHPI clients achieve a CyberStance that incorporates:

  • Fully integrated, holistic technology solutions that result in exceptionally low total cost of ownership
  • Real-time, comprehensive and in-depth full-spectrum defense against malicious intent (ActiveDefense™)
  • Mission-focused, inter-operable, and innovative solutions CyberSmithed™ from inception to ensure zero vulnerabilities
  • Efficient and cost-effective system and software development, sustainment and modernization using CMMI Maturity Level 5 Agile High Velocity Development℠ processes
  • Solution-specific training that produces self-sustainable, self-supporting products and solutions
  • The most technologically advanced, prepared and certified staff trained to aggressively defend against cyber attacks
  • Comprehensive expertise empowered by front-line thought leaders who keep our clients prepared for and protected against risks presented by evolving technology

ISHPI’s holistic approach permeates IT from the physical infrastructure through the application, transcending humanistic, metaphysical and geopolitical factors. By engaging ISHPI, our clients position themselves in a dominating holistic CyberStance with state-of-the-art risk and threat management platforms to drive technology and human resources efficiently.