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“[ISHPI] has exhibited exceptional instructor in support of the Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer course 621-25L10, Radio Operator Maintainer Course 201-25C10 and the System Support Specialist Course 101- 25U10. By providing excellent instructor, curriculum development, and classroom preparation support, a 20% improvement in student test scores were noted. All instructors were well qualified in Information Technology and vast Signal Corp experience which were vital in classroom interaction with the students. All courses show improvement in every area of training as evidence by the End of course assessments. All minor discrepancies were quickly corrected and prevention measures were put in place and adhered to.” – U.S. Army 369th Signal BN Supervisor Instructor, January 2011

Training personnel while keeping systems operational requires careful scheduling, agility, and “been-there, done-that” expertise and lessons learned.

ISHPI excels at developing flexible training programs and curriculum tailored to your needs, challenges and obstacles. We have been providing a wide variety of Training Program Support Services since 2006 to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and multiple other U.S. Government Agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This support includes:

  • Curriculum, instructional systems, and course design and review
  • Training program policy, planning, scheduling, logistics and tracking
  • Existing course evaluation, enhancement and training
  • New course design, development and training
  • Formal and academic classroom training
  • Onsite field operational crew training
  • Equipment operations and maintenance (O&M) training
  • Student outcomes testing and assessment