Instructional Design Support

ISHPI consultants and instructors value results. When we do our job correctly, your team saves time, reduces cost, and increases quality. Our instructional design support services help you achieve all of these objectives.

ISHPI understands that data collected during and after training is vital to creating and implementing effective training programs that support the design and development of secure, integrated applications; modernization of legacy applications; creation of accurate operational reports; timely and accurate display of asset status; and possible justification for future budgetary requirements.

Our consultants guide the development of training policies, plans, processes, instructor guides and training materials that can be multi-purposed to help you meet evolving needs. They also help your cybersecurity software designers and developers retain what works while improving the way you succeed. The consultation and training we provide using our disciplined yet agile approach:

  • Dramatically reduces and practically eliminates cybersecurity incidents attributable to poor quality software code
  • Reduces software operations and maintenance (O&M) costs by more than half
  • Enables the reallocation of O&M funding for new features and enhancements due to fewer bugs to fix in production software

Our consulting and training expertise covers the full life-cycle and interdependent, integrated scope of instruction—from initial to follow-on and refresher training planning, as well as master and unit scheduling. ISHPI provides team coaching and individual mentoring; classroom and onsite over-the-shoulder training support; training execution logistics; and student needs assessment, testing and performance tracking.

Capturing training results helps you better tailor training programs to meet your students’ evolving needs, so we continually review critiques and develop curriculum changes to make targeted adjustments. As a standard practice, ISHPI delivers all master documentation (training guides, handouts, scenarios, PowerPoint’s, etc.) and provides ready access at all times to course training materials, student progress reports and classroom survey results.