ISHPI Recognized by U.S. Air force office of small Business for outstanding work at SHAW AFB

During the Congressional Hearing on November 8, 2011, John Caporal, GS-15, Deputy Director of the U.S. Air Force Office of Small Business Programs, addressed the House Committee on Small Business Contracting and Workforce Subcommittee to discuss the importance of encouraging and supporting small business contractors. ISHPI’s tremendous success supporting U.S. Air Force Central Command since 2008 was highlighted as a perfect example of a Small Business that provides outstanding support and services while contributing to the U.S. Air Forces Small Business Program goals. “I would like to share a story about a small business contractor who performs work here at Shaw AFB. ISHPI Information Technologies, Inc., a Mount Pleasant South Carolina small business, has provided over 25,000 hours of logistical support for contingency operations, exercises, war ready materials pre-positioning, maintenance and day to day planning efforts in support of the contingency/deployed personnel for the Air Force Central Command Area of Responsibility (AOR). The invaluable work performed under this contract demonstrates that while achieving Air Force small business goals are important, it’s the support provided to the warfighter that showcases the true value of the program. We need to develop strategies that ensure that companies like ISHPI Information Technologies, Inc. continue to thrive and grow. It’s the jobs provided to the local communities and the innovation, agility and value they provide to the taxpayer that needs to be encouraged. Finding and helping small businesses like ISHPI succeed and contribute to the mission is what motivates all 145 of our small business specialists! There are success stories like this at every installation. Our aim is to develop more.”