Our Approach

Cyber transcends and permeates literally every other battlespace domain. Asymmetric fourth and fifth generation warfare strategies and tactics have resulted in a reality where every physical and social human system is a potential target for violent attack, disruption or covert influence.

ISHPI¬†works in concert with other defenders of the Homeland to fortify national preparedness, agility, strength and advantage in the cyber domain‚ÄĒa readiness state we refer to as an holistic Cyberstance‚ĄĘ.¬† Using our integrated holistic service solutions fortified with Cybersmithed‚ĄĘ and ActiveDefense‚ĄĘ software developed using our proprietary CMMI¬ģ Maturity Level 5 Agile High-Velocity Development‚Ą† process, we weave the armor and forge the weapons that enable our clients to maintain a dominating holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ‚ÄĒalways ready to Anticipate, Defend, Exploit, and Attack in the cyber domain.¬† Our Information Operations, Advanced Information Services, Health Care IT Services, C5ISR Engineering & Technical Services, and Training and Consulting business units work in unison to provide experienced people, proven processes, technology, advice, and leadership to enable full-spectrum cyber capability.

Our Services

Information Operations

Our holistic approach focuses on achieving the sustained advantage to influence, disrupt, corrupt, and usurp adversarial information gathering and decision making while protecting our own.
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Advanced Information Services

Agile High-Velocity Development‚Ą†, our CMMI Level 5 Agile Software Development process, addresses current and emerging business needs and cyber threats with our Cybersmithed‚ĄĘ and ActiveDefense‚ĄĘ certified software solutions.
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Health Care IT Services

We operate two service delivery models in support of our Health Care IT that ensures optimized customer relationships that evolve, integrate, and pivot to our individual customers over time.
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C5ISR Engineering & Technical Services

Regardless of size or complexity your C5ISR system or enterprise can be engineered to a secure, effective Holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ with our full spectrum lifecycles services.
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Training & Consulting Services

Whether you want to achieve a Holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ or simply improve a specific program or the capabilities of your workforce, we have advisers, analyst, coaches, mentors, and instructors to get you there.
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Working at ISHPI

As a fast-growing, fast-moving technology solutions provider, we’re always looking for technically-gifted, enthusiastic, flexible, and team-oriented candidates willing to go beyond expectations to achieve their client’s mission.

Benefits at ISHPI

Employees are ISHPI‚Äôs most valuable asset, and we care for them accordingly. ISHPI offers highly competitive wages, paid vacation, excellent company paid medical and dental benefits, and bonus plans based on performance‚ÄĒall of the benefits and rewards needed to attract and retain competent personnel in the professional services industry.

Our Veterans

We are incredibly grateful for the personal sacrifices these men and women have made in serving our country and we understand the innate value that their unique skills and experiences bring to our organization. As such, we are privileged to be able to state that, since our inception, over 50% of our employees are Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Employee Development & Professional Growth

Beyond the standard, ISHPI fosters a work environment that enables and supports employee development as they strive to excel‚ÄĒto learn, grow and advance personally and professionally within our company.

Our Culture

We strive to sustain a corporate culture based on integrity, excellence, and devotion ‚Äď one that‚Äôs focused on treating our clients ethically and providing the highest-quality service. Our employees exhibit these guiding principles each and every day through their limitless dedication, hard work, and professionalism. Growing exponentially, while still maintaining a stellar reputation with our clients, is a direct result of the extraordinary efforts of our employees each and every day.

Our People

We strive to sustain a¬†corporate culture based on integrity, excellence, and devotion¬†‚Äď one that‚Äôs focused on treating our clients ethically and providing the highest-quality service. Our employees exhibit these guiding principles each and every day through their limitless dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

The composition of¬†ISHPI‚Äôs¬†workforce has been shaped and influenced by one factor above all others‚ÄĒindividual value not only to the client but to our culture. The organizational predisposition to target, recruit, and employ individuals with client name recognition and known value has resulted in a workforce that is educated, cleared, experienced, technically strong, fiercely dedicated to the client‚Äôs mission, and loyal to¬†ISHPI¬†for empowering them to contribute to success both individually and collectively.

Education and Certifications

Every employee at ISHPI brings distinct insights based on his or her background. The advanced educational degrees and certifications held by our employees keeps our capabilities and competencies on the leading edge and ensures that the services we provide to our clients are optimized to their maximum potential.


Beginning with our Founders, ISHPI has maintained a strong commitment to the nation’s military community with our focus on hiring veterans. With the individual value not only to the customer, but to our culture as a Federal, National Defense and Homeland Security contractor, it is a logical conclusion that the composition of our workforce and business partners includes United States Veterans.


2023 IEEE Computer Society Award


ISHPI AIS Appraised at CMMI Development Maturity Level 5 for the Sixth Consecutive Time


ISHPI Appraised at CMMI Services Maturity Level 3




ISHPI Certified as a Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Company