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Cyber transcends and permeates literally every other battlespace domain. Asymmetric fourth and fifth generation warfare strategies and tactics have resulted in a reality where every physical and social human system is a potential target for violent attack, disruption or covert influence.

ISHPI¬†works in concert with other defenders of the Homeland to fortify national preparedness, agility, strength and advantage in the cyber domain‚ÄĒa readiness state we refer to as an holistic Cyberstance‚ĄĘ.¬† Using our integrated holistic service solutions fortified with Cybersmithed‚ĄĘ and ActiveDefense‚ĄĘ software developed using our proprietary CMMI¬ģ Maturity Level 5 Agile High Velocity Development‚Ą† process, we weave the armor and forge the weapons that enable our clients to maintain a dominating holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ‚ÄĒalways ready to Anticipate, Defend, Exploit, and Attack in the cyber domain.¬† Our Information Operations, Advanced Information Services, Health Care IT Services, C5ISR Engineering & Technical Services, and Training and Consulting business units work in unison to provide experience people, proven processes, technology, advice and leadership to enable full spectrum cyber capability.

Our Holistic approach focuses on achieving the sustained advantage to influence, disrupt, corrupt and usurp adversarial information gathering and decision making while protecting our own.



Agile High Velocity Development‚Ą†, our CMMI Level 5 Agile Software Development process, addresses current and emerging business needs and cyber threats with our¬†CyberSmithed‚ĄĘ¬†and¬†ActiveDefense‚ĄĘcertified software solutions.


Regardless of size or complexity, your C5ISR system or enterprise can be engineered to a secure effective Holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ with our full spectrum life cycles services


We operate two Service Delivery Models in support of our Health Care IT that ensures optimized customer relationships that evolve, integrate and pivot to our individual customers over time.

Whether you want to achieve an Holistic CyberStance‚ĄĘ or simply improve a specific program or the capabilities of your workforce, we have advisers, analysts, coaches, mentors, and instructors to get you there.