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Beginning with our Founders, ISHPI has maintained a strong commitment to the nation’s military community with our focus on hiring veterans. With the individual value not only to the customer, but to our culture as a Federal, National Defense and Homeland Security contractor, it is a logical conclusion that the composition of our workforce and business partners includes United States Veterans.

We are incredibly grateful for the personal sacrifices these men and women have made in serving our country and we understand the innate value that their unique skills and experiences bring to our organization. As such, we are privileged to be able to state that, since our inception, over 50% of our employees are Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. We owe a great debt to those who have served in the military and recognize that they have the talent, character, and commitment that make our clients’ missions successful.

Branches served by our Veteran Employees

We are fortunate enough and honored to support community initiatives that serve our military men and women, their families, and the organizations that support them. Specifically, our employees volunteer to help address issues of work and family life, aid in the transition from military service to a successful civilian career, and participate in supporting other key issues veterans and wounded warriors care about. Through our efforts, we hope to give them access to the professional and technical knowledge necessary to transition back into civilian lifestyles successfully.