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ISHPI Acquires Advanced Information Services Inc.

AIS’s CyberSmithed™ Software to Add Depth to ISHPI’s Holistic CyberStance™ Strategy

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC and PEORIA, IL – 10 November 2014

Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc. (DBA ISHPI), a forward-leaning four-time Inc. 500|5000 Defense and Federal Cyber and Information Dominance (ID) company, today announced the acquisition of Advanced Information Services Inc. (DBA AIS), a globally recognized leader in Software Development Quality and winner of the 2013 Government Information Security Leadership Award (GISLA) for secure software lifecycle practices and the IEEE Computer Society Software Process Achievement Award.  The acquisition, final on 31 October 2014, adds Cyber-Secure Software Development depth and dimension to ISHPI’s i-Holistic CyberStance™ Strategy. AIS will serve current and future customers as the Advanced Information Services (AIS) division of ISHPI.

Girish Seshagiri, founder and CEO of AIS, joins ISHPI as Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Cyber-Secure SoftwareVisionary.  Seshagiri is a globally recognized thought leader and a highly respected speaker, coach, and instructor in software assurance, software quality management, software process improvement, and knowledge management methods, and the architect of several disruptive innovations and strategic initiatives, including High Velocity Development℠ (AIS’s proprietary, CMMI DEV ML 5 appraised, hybrid Agile process) and the CyberSmithed™ and ActiveDefense i-Software™ development processes. An outspoken advocate of mandating firm fixed price, performance based software development guaranteed by a lifetime warranty against defects in Federal contracting, Seshagiri is the author of such visionary white papers as “Emerging Cyber Threats Call for a Change in the ‘Deliver Now, Fix Later’ Culture of Software Development,” and has been asked to speak in committee meeting and acquisition-oriented federal venues regarding his recommendations for improving software quality, software security, and software development success in the Federal marketspace.

“The amalgamation of two truly unique, front running technology innovators who have independently focused on opposite sides of the Cyber Threat coin will bring together—for the first time in one singularly focused organization—the people, processes, tools, talent, and vision to engineer enduring Cyber safe solutions for the information and information infrastructure of our nation,” said Seshagiri. “No longer will customers pay to have applications developed and then pay to have them fixed and debugged and then pay again to continually fortify their information and infrastructure against emerging and evolving cyber vulnerabilities.  This union enables the engineered development of ‘cyber security guaranteed’ capabilities with quality and security guaranteed by a lifetime warranty against software defects.”

“The addition of technology visionary Girish Seshagiri and his extremely talented, accomplished, award winning team of cyber-secure software pioneers adds a capstone element to ISHPI’s i-Holistic CyberStance™ Strategy by adding even more depth and wholeness to our i-Holism™ product and service offerings. It will be a pleasure to work with Girish to introduce disruptive innovation to the Federal Software Development marketspace by unleashing new CyberSmithed™, ActiveDefense i-Software™ that continues to define and enable new mission-ready capabilities for our customers, our nation and the defenders of our homeland,” said Noah T. Leask, ISHPI’s Chairman and CEO.  “We look forward to continuing to provide meaningful, ever-more impactful contributions to the security of our nation and the safety of her citizens.”

About AIS

AIS has maintained a laser focus on harmoniously interweaving repeatable quality innovations into the development, modernization, operations, and maintenance of software systems since 1986. High Velocity Development℠, AIS’s proprietary hybrid Agile process, has established the industry benchmark for schedule, cost, and quality performance and has a proven track record of consistently delivering complex, “cyber security guaranteed” software solutions on time, within budget, and virtually defect-free. AIS delivers applications and systems spanning the gamut of technical, functional, and deployment domains for government and commercial customers including SPAWAR, NAVAIR, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of the Treasury, Selective Service System, Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Education, Microsoft, and Intuit.  For additional information about AIS or the AIS Software Center of Excellence in Peoria, IL, please visit or