Rapid Application Development

Automated Tools & Techniques

Our process, extrapolated to an entire IS organization of our clients, results in a profound transformation of information systems (IS) development. ISHPI RAD replaces hand-design and coding processes (which are dependent upon the skills of isolated individuals) with automated design and coding, which is an inherently more stable process. ISHPIā€™s RAD has provided our IS organization a reliable real basis for continuous improvement in support of rapid development approaches.

Iterative Prototyping

TheĀ ISHPIĀ RAD process directly involves end-users in the development of their applications and information systems. Our Iterative prototyping is concentric, with development teams concentrated on delivering a series of fully functional prototypes to designated super users. The series of prototypes thus evolves into the final product, giving users the opportunity to fine-tune the requirements and review the resulting software implementation before delivery to a wider user audience.