Agile High Velocity Development℠

Through the acquisition of Advance Information Services, Inc. (AIS) in 2014, ISHPI brings more than 25 years of experience singularly focused on software development, modernization, enhancement, and maintenance projects. Our AIS group has successfully completed more than 200 individual projects and project phases covering the entire software development lifecycle. During the past 15 years, these AIS teams achieved results far superior to generally acknowledged industry averages for schedule, cost, and quality performance, delivering the following key benefits:

  • Agile High Velocity Development software practices for development, maintenance, and modernization appraised at CMMI® Maturity Level 5
  • Accurate weekly status reporting using ANSI 748 compliant Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
  • Dramatic reduction of cyber security incidents caused by poor quality software code
  • Significant reductions (more than 50%) in software operations and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Ability to reallocate O&M funding to new features and enhancements (due to code ‘bug’ reduction in production software)

Performance Guarantee and the Iron Triangle of Contracting

ISHPI’s approach to software development focuses on extrinsic value created through intrinsic quality. We recognize when and how goals and constraints may need to be adjusted to increase customer value as a project moves forward. For example, when the schedule remains a fixed constraint, we work flexibly with our customers to adjust scope in order to ensure we deliver the highest value within the schedule constraint.

Faster, Better and Cheaper

Substantially defect-free and secure software within predictable cost and schedule parameters.


Industry > 50%
ISHPI < 1%
[Schedule deviation for on-time completion and delivery of product]

% First-Time-Right in user acceptance test (UAT)
(Deployed software changes that were accepted by the customer with no further rework in UAT)


Industry > 100 Vs. ISHPI < 15 Per 100K SLOC [Number of defects in delivered product per 100,000 source lines of code]


Industry > 50% Vs. ISHPI < 21.3% [Time spent in appraisal, failure and prevention tasks as percentage of the total project time]