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“It’s hard to talk about ISHPI as a business, because it feels more like a family. ” -Barry W.

“Since joining ISHPI, I have been given tremendous support and guidance in refining technical skills and greatly empowered to further develop leadership skills. These skills have greatly enhanced the outstanding support we provide our partners.” -Jason G.

“Since coming to ISHPI over a year and a half ago I have experienced the meaning of what family and team truly means. Everyone from the CEO down is focused on the employee and everyone I have met embraces the belief that nothing can be accomplished without them. I am always surprised and pleased by the birthday cards, holiday cards or gift certificates extended that always reinforces that we are noticed and we are appreciated.” -Robert R.

“As an ISHPI employee of three years, I can personally attest to the care and concern that the company gives to each of its employees. Aside from the great benefits/compensation and fulfilling work, ISHPI leadership has been involved on a personal level, always remembering to send thoughtful messages and reaching out to show that they care. I’m proud to be part of the ISHPI team and I’ve enjoyed working for the company.” -Jaimee H.

ISHPI is more than an employer, it’s a family! Each of the staff have always been eager to help and assist in every situation. They have all made a transition to a new job easy and painless. Everyone not only cares about your success career-wise, but also your personal life as well. While coming back on board, each of the office staff have made a point to ask how my family was doing and happily greeted me back on the team. I’m excited to be back on the ISHPI team! -Erica F. (has worked for ISHPI on two contracts; recently returned)

“From my date of hire, I noticed that ISHPI is committed to looking out for their employees’ best interest and keeping their employees happy. I feel that they are able to do this by providing the best benefits that I have ever had. This proves to me that they fight and negotiate the best for their employees. I joined team ISHPI for this reason and also for the growth potential for myself and the company. The management team is great, which is very hard to find in this profession. It is a big deal to me when management makes an effort to talk and listen to an individual, which is exactly how it is here at ISHPI. They listen and they care; you’re not just a number here. I have been working for this customer for just under 9 years and ISHPI is the fourth contractor I have worked for. ISHPI is by far the best contractor I have worked for to date. I am happy to say that I work for Team ISHPI and would highly recommend this company to others seeking employment.” -David S.

As a government contractor with the United States Air Force Central Command, I have worked with several different companies. I started one year ago with ISHPI and I have never felt more like I was actually included as an employee and not just a government contractor that could be exchanged because of winning a bid. ISHPI has made us feel like we are part of the company and has mentioned numerous times ISHPI is where they are today because of the employees and the mission we support. ISHPI goes out of the way to remember our birthday, send individual cards for Christmas, and holds events to enjoy time together during the holidays. Plus, their dedication to their employees by providing profit sharing amplifies ISHPI’s caring nature. These are things which makes us feel like part of a family and not just an employee. The ISHPI attitude is not a norm for companies working with the Air Force and other Department of Defense agencies. It is truly a pleasure and a honor to be included in the family. -Diane C.

I have worked as a military contractor at US Air Forces Central Command for twelve years. During that time, I have been an employee of three different contract companies. I have been with ISHPI a little over one year and can truly say it has been a great experience. ISHPI treats all employees as family members. The fact that employees receive cards and gifts for birthdays, holidays, and as in my case, a death of a close family member, is evidence ISHPI considers their employees family not just another person filling a contractor position. It’s truly a pleasure being a member of the ISHPI family. -Randy H.