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HSCG79-11-D-PTE041, ISHPI’s Information Technology (IT) Information Assurance (IA) Security Management Support Services Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Prime Contract provides to support the U.S. Coast Guard’s Command Control, Computer, and Communications Information Technology (C4IT) Service Center. The contract is a Small Business Set Aside competitive award supporting the Coast Guard’s Computer Incident Response Team (CGCIRT), Coast Guard-wide Certification and Accreditation (C&A), Secure Communications Services (SECCOMMS), and Training.

Contract Expiration Date: 29 September 2017

Contract: HSCG79-11-D-PTE041


  • Available to all DHS components and Headquarters elements
  • Streamlined, quick task order turnaround
  • Pre-Negotiated pricing with FFP and T&M CLIN options
  • Total $34M Ceiling
  • Leverages both DHS and DoD clearances processes
  • Information Systems Security
  • Network Administration
  • Web Site Maintenance
  • Computer Incident Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Documentation Support
  • Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Watch Support
  • System Security Analysis
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Information System Security
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) / Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP) Support – ISHPI provides support to the U.S. Coast Guard CIRT (CGCIRT), a Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP), to protect, detect, respond, and sustain USCG network subscriber’s systems and information. By using innovative Computer Network Defense (CND) solutions, ISHPI ensures that subscribers are protected through reoccurring vulnerability assessments and analysis, and that they remain fully compliant with FISMA and ICD503.
  • TEMPEST/EMSEC Support – ISHPI employs TEMPEST Field Technical Authority’s (FTA) and Certified TEMPEST Professionals (CTP) supporting the USCG who collectively support the process of verification and validation of TEMPEST technical documentation, including Inspection Reports, Control Plans, and IT Infrastructure (cabling and network) topology diagrams. Our extensive practical experience enables our staff to provide remediation recommendations through simple modifications and/or mitigation strategies to resolve system deficiencies decreasing the time-to-approval significantly.
  • Cyber Forensics Support – ISHPI provides support to the CGCIRT detailed post-incident analysis of hardware systems involved in an actual or suspected security violation where our IT forensics experts work to preserve, recover, analyze, and document all information that either confirms or refutes a security breach.
  • Certification & Accreditation (C&A)/ Information Assurance (IA) support – ISHPI has become the USCG Authority on securing systems and networks, providing Security Engineers, Certification Engineers (CEs), Information Systems Security Managers (ISSMs), Information Systems Security Engineers(ISSEs), Information Systems Security Officers (ISSOs), Information Systems Security Representatives (ISSRs), and Continuity Engineers.
  • IA Training Support – ISHPI offers experienced trainers who deliver ISSO, C&A, and other IA training materials. We develop both formal and informal presentations, deliver classroom training with clearly defined learning objectives, evaluate student proficiency through various testing methods, and provide over-the-shoulder training for new hires and new technologies.
  • Vulnerability Management / Risk Management Framework Support – ISHPI supports vulnerability scanning and anti-virus activities to validate the compliance of IAVM implementation. We also support Information Operations Condition (INFOCON) initiatives on servers and workstations throughout the enterprise network architecture.
  • Cyber Security – ISHPI engineers protect the critical cyber infrastructure across the Federal Government, DoD, and the private sector using Dynamic Defense and Defense in Breadth techniques. Our professionals are recognized experts in securing networks and systems, providing secure cross-domain solutions, and architecting active perimeter defense. By designing and securing critical networks and infrastructure,we ensure dominating Holistic CyberStance for our clients.
  • End-2-End Logistics – ISHPI provides insight and advice concerning strategic direction and applicability of up-to-date, industry standard solutions based on in-depth understanding of the latest developments. We provide guidance on the functional procedures, processes, policies, detailed knowledge of Lifecycle Logistic Planning, Process Guides, Integrated Logistic Support, Change Management Processes, Configuration Management Processes, and ongoing Modernization efforts throughout DHS and its components.
  • Sustainability, Operations and Maintenance – ISHPI engineers and IT specialists have provided complete end-to-end methodologies and services to sustain and modernize legacy systems. Our engineers have reverse engineered legacy systems to extract business rules, elicited requirements for the modernization solution, and analyzed and recommended implementation alternatives, including COTS and custom solutions for scalability and maintainability.
  • Systems Lifecycle Integration – ISHPI is the expert on System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Process. Our role is to support and assist in each SDLC phase by providing technical expertise, employing best practices and applying extensive technical expertise to meet each customer’s needs and expectations. In the SDLC Design phase, we assist in developing a detailed system design based on the lower level system requirements.
  • Data Management and Storage – ISHPI experts build complex data processing systems and provide innovative solutions to data management problems. We specialize in designing and building complex decision support systems, including data warehouse and data-mart systems. In addition to our decision support expertise, our staff have extensive experience in dashboard reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining.