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ISHPI Announces Executive Promotions

Mount Pleasant, SC, – Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc., (DBA ISHPI) is setting the stage for the next phase in the company’s growth by announcing the promotion of its Senior Management Team members to executive leadership roles. Effective immediately, Michael W. Beadle, Claire Murchison and Girish V. Seshagiri have been appointed to Executive Vice President and Katherine Collins has been appointed to Senior Vice President.

“We are thrilled to announce the promotion of these four highly talented, respected members of the ISHPI Management Team,” said Earl D. Bowers, ISHPI’s President and CEO. “Mike, Claire, Girish and Katherine will continue to ensure the integrity, sustainable growth and future success of ISHPI.”

Michael W. Beadle, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, actively manages ISHPI’s operations and workforce, supporting the President and CEO in the execution of the Board of Managers’ goals for the company’s business goals and growth strategy–building value for stockholders and identifying emerging trends that will affect clients. Mr. Beadle joined ISHPI in 2008 as a Program Manager and has served as both Director of Information Operations and Chief Operating Officer.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Murchison oversees Human Resources, Recruiting, Finance, Accounting and Facility Security Administration. Bringing over 15 years of experience at the corporate, administrative, and management level, she supervises all employee benefit plans, plays a key role in the development and implementation of corporate policies and procedures, and manages operations and personnel at ISHPI’s corporate headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Girish V. Seshagiri is a globally recognized thought leader in software assurance, software quality management, software process improvement and modern methods of managing knowledge work. Mr. Seshagiri is the architect of several disruptive technology innovations and strategic initiatives, including High Velocity Development. He is also the author of the visionary white paper “Emerging Cyber Threats Call for a Change in the ‘Deliver Now, Fix Later’ Culture of Software Development,” and is a highly respected speaker, coach and instructor.

Katherine Collins, Senior Vice President and Corporate Development Officer, brings over 28 years of corporate strategy and business management experience. Ms. Collins supports the CEO and Board of Managers in the areas of Merger & Acquisition, company-wide strategic planning and strategic execution. Ms. Collins is an expert in the fields of long-term strategic planning and execution, corporate restructuring and change management, mission-focused corporate mergers and acquisitions, acquisition funding and corporate finance. Ms. Collins has held positions as VP of Human Capital, Program Manager, Ethics and Compliance Officer, and Manager of Corporate Litigation and Risk..